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Central Park.

Do you like fun, nature, everything related to marine life, birds and reptiles? Then visit us!, from September, Acuario Mazatlan, gives you the opportunity to do your holiday with us. Build your package, and bring your friends.


Central Park Mazatlán a space to be and connect

Do not hesitate, soon the Central Park will offer you the opportunity to hold your parties with us. Assemble your package


Enjoy a pleasant stay surrounded by nature and outdoor activities.

With a space of 7 hectares, distributed along 1.2 kilometers, the central park has 89 thousand 829.81 m2 of Forest, 2 lagoons of 56 thousand 399.96 m2 and 11 thousand 158.79 m2, the same ones that are used for boat rides and/or or kayak.

It has 1,040 meters of cycle path, 2,917 meters of walkways and 1,255 meters of trails. A central square, an esplanade and a Food Trucks area.

The list of flora in the Central Park of Mazatlan is very varied. Here you will find native and endemic plants of the region, others that were introduced in Mexico and some classified as exotic. In total there are 2,264 organisms of 57 different species.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom consists of 398.5 square meters of construction, and 27 sheltered habitats. 1 Shelter for reptiles, where turtles, snakes, toads, frogs, crocodiles, vipers, dragons and Gila monsters will live.

1 Shelter for birds, where parrots, macaws, peacocks, cockatoos, magpies and parakeets will be exhibited. 3 induced jet fountains with a collection tank. 2 spaces for technical area and 2 spaces for food preparation.

Another of the spaces that comes into function are the DANCING FOUNTAINS. Located in the main lagoon with a view of Central Park and the boardwalk, this new attraction will undoubtedly give an unforgettable show, since it combines lights, music and water movement.



-Single kayak rental $100 pesos per hour and $150 for the double kayak.
-Lanchitas $200 pesos per hour and have a capacity of up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children).
-Train $30 pesos adults and children.
-Bicycles $50 pesos per person.