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Do you like fun, nature, everything related to marine life, birds and reptiles? Then visit us!, from September, Acuario Mazatlan, gives you the opportunity to do your holiday with us. Build your package, and bring your friends.

Swimming with Sharks

In this activity you can have the opportunity to swim with one of the ocean's most incredible animals: sharks. These sharks are harmless and very important to our oceans. Visit us and have an experience of a lifetime inside our Central Fish tank.
Cost for Children and Adults: $400.00 Pesos

Swimming with sea lions

Com enjoys this incredible opportunity to swim with Toby, our most charismatic sea lion. In this experience you will know what it's like to be a trainer when you ask Toby to give you a kiss and do acrobatic tricks, while also learning about sea lion behavior and feeding habits first hand. Come and enjoy this treat of a lifetime!
Cost for children and adults: $400 Pesos.