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The Botanical Garden

Our Botanical Garden

Covers an area of over a hectare and has more than 75 species of flora from all over the world some coming all the way from China, Japan, and Africa while many of the plants are from the local Sinaloa region. Some of the vegetation types are tropical rainforest and xeric shrub land.

Next to the aviaries you will find a riverine section with a mini-cascade and artificial ponds full of plant life and fish. The back garden area will also surprise you with the large walk-through aviaries full of pelicans, macaws, ducks, toucans and all sorts of birds roaming freely.

Frog Area

The Mazatlan Aquarium is the only Aquarium in Latin America with a dedicated frog area. Amphibians are a key facet of our environment since they are ecological indicators. They were the first vertebrates to adapt to semi-terrestrial life.
Amphibians go through a compelling transformation during their development and at the aquarium you will be able to see the different stages. There are about 6,500 amphibian species and Mexico is the country with the fifth largest variety of amphibians in the world. A number of these amphibians can be found in the Mazatlan region like salamanders and toads. In the 21 acuaterrariums you can see frogs and toads like the vibrant green tree frog and the powerful Mazatlan toad.

Crocodile Lagoon

The Mazatlan Aquarium has 6 American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) on its grounds. Watch them either bask in the sun or show off their mighty jaw.


In the Aviary, you can take a walk with macaws welcoming you in, pelicans observing you and ducks leading the way. All in all, you can see thirteen different species of birds including peacocks, whistling ducks, and brown pelicans. There are also endangered species that are protected by the Aquarium in our successful reproduction program like the green macaw and distinct types of parrots.

Right outside the aviary, visitors can also admire birds such as toucans, macaws and cockatoos.