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New Attractions


Jellyfish Tank

A new attraction reached the Aquarium, it is the largest Medusario in Mexico, the third project put into this municipal government. This plan has some acrylic windows that exceed thirty percent of those in the different aquariums in the country, and the exhibition of about 800 species of cannonball and moon jellyfish. The estimated cost is one million 600 thousand pesos.

Stingray Pool

In this large pool, you can interact with our variety of stingrays.
The pool holds over 92,000 gallons and contains six different types of stingrays: tecolote, pelagic, common, butterfly, chilean y round. There are also electric torpedoes. Come see the stingrays wave a friendly hello and goodbye when you visit them!

Agapornis aviary

Meet the newest of the Mazatlan Aquarium, meet our new lovebird aviary. Interact with these beautiful species.


Interact feeding with your hand, these peculiar tilapias, learn about Aquaponics and its benefits. You should not miss this great sensory experience.

Doctor Fish

Come and meet our Doctor Fish contact fish tank, in which you can insert your fingers and let these little fish remove dead cells from your skin.

Turtle Museum