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Oceanic Fish tank

The Gulf of California is considered the world's aquarium due to its great variety of species found within its reach. In the Mazatlan Aquarium, there is an area dedicated to the beautiful sea: the Ocean Fish tank.

With a capacity to hold over 422,000 gallons, it is the largest tank in Latin America. One can observe a variety of species such as: lemon sharks, giant grouper fish, stingrays, snappers, butterfly fish, yellowtail and many more.

You can see them eat, observe their behavior and feel the calm of the ocean all around you!

Stingray Pool

In this large pool, you can interact with our variety of stingrays.
The pool holds over 92,000 gallons and contains six different types of stingrays: tecolote, pelagic, common, butterfly, chilean y round. There are also electric torpedoes. Come see the stingrays wave a friendly hello and goodbye when you visit them!