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Diving Show

Take in our diving show and learn aspects of diving such as how divers communicate and interact with the marine life.

From our hexagonal tank, one can see a diver feed nurse sharks and surgeon fish. The show also covers aspects such as behavior, reproduction and feeding habits. It´s a show you can´t miss!.

Bird Show

The birds are in a beautiful tropical theater, under the shade of a couple of rain trees, you will find our tropical theater and our entertaining bird show. Come learn about the habitats and behaviors of our birds and also be entertained by our stars like Bady and Miller! You can also be part of our birds of prey show in which you will be amazed by the talents of our eagles and hawks.

Many of these birds have been rescued and rehabilitated and consequently are now part of our show. Different tropical birds like macaws and cockatoos make up this comic and delightful show that you'll never forget!

Sea Lions Show

This engaging show is currently made up of Bonny, Toby, Ely and Tito who will be sure to surprise you with their many talents. Bonny, who was born at the Aquarium 17 years ago, weighs over 650 lbs. and is our local celebrity. Toby, Ely and Tito came to our Aquarium as recue animals and now love to entertain our visitors.

Each of our sea lions eats 13 to 30 lbs of fish every day. At the Aquarium, we make sure the sea lions are well taken care of and that they live in a clean, secure and healthy environment. The trainers make sure to that our sea lions are in optimal health and also have the patience required to train them.

Come see one our sea lions jump, splash and dance in one of the most amazing shows in Latin America!

Animals hunters show

The animal exhibits in this space hunters can enjoy the experience of interacting with the specimens presented here, some like snakes, birds of prey and even a fox, come and enjoy the company of your family and spend a nice time with this excellent show.